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इंडिया का नंबर 1 लिंग वर्धक उत्पाद


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इंडिया का नंबर 1 लिंग वर्धक उत्पाद




Left limited stock

TWO Pack 4999

60% OFF  ONLY 1999

Promotion ends in:
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Best Sex Enlarge Supplement for Men

Boost Stamina and Vigour Naturally

Give Your Girl Extraordinary Pleasure

No side effects
it is 100% natural.

Long Stay Unlimited This means that it is 100% safe for men of all ages.

100% money back
guarantee product.

This is because we are 100% confident that our product will work and give excellent results. It always exceeds your expectations.

Approved by over 42
urologists Doctors.

In addition, we pride ourselves in having over 10,000 satisfied clients worldwide.!

We offer fast COD
shipping services.

Our packaging is also very distinct and professional such that no one can know what you have ordered. Your privacy is a top priority to us.

How does Long Stay Unlimited work?

The Long Stay Unlimited natural
formula works in a number of ways:

Blood vessels present in the cavernous part of your penis are responsible for erection and natural enlargement of the penis
The Long Stay Unlimited formula expands these blood vessels. This makes the penis to increase in weight and become wider.
The formula also prevents the interior parts of the penis from having stronger blood vessels.
The penis is therefore able to stretch longer and with ease than before. This is how the penis achieves its highest size possible.


Effects of Long Stay Enlargement Pill

There are multiple benefits of Long Stay Unlimited on men’s health. It makes you feel powerful and stimulates amazing sensations.

Enhance Staying PowerNow you can hold for as much longer as you want. Long Stay Unlimited helps in getting rid of problem of premature ejaculation. You can go on for hours as your staying power and duration is increased.

Get Firmer and Long Lasting ErectionYou do not need to be embarrassed anymore! Get rock-hard erections which last longer. Both of you do not have to wait now for a solid erection to enjoy sex. Go on whenever you are in mood.

Enlarge Penis SizeLong Stay Unlimited naturally boosts the size of your penis. Depending upon the different time, one can increase the length of penis upto 2 inches. It even enhances the width of your penis.

One-stop Solution for Multiple Sexual Dysfunctions

Are you not able to perform well in bed?
Can you not fulfil all the wishes and fantasies of your woman?
Have you not experienced the maximum pleasure of sex yet?

If yes, then do not be ashamed. Because you are not the only one!

Around 70% of women are not sexually satisfied with their male counterparts. The reason behind it that most of the men are going through some or the other problem in their sex lives. Hormonal imbalances, stressful lifestyle, aging effects, improper diet are some of the causes for these problems in men.

But now there is a single remedy to counter various issues. Use our incredibly effective One-in-All product Long Stay Unlimited. It is a unique blend of natural ingredients and herbs which caters to different needs of men. It works for men of all ages and is completely safe.

Comparison between

Other Products & Long Stay Unlimited

Is it Safe?

How effective is it?

How easy to use?

Approved by Docotrs?

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Only 1 Doctor



Long Stay Unlimited

YES, 100% safe as it is natural

Scientifically proven

Take 1 or more pill a day

42 different doctors worldwide



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All our clients are satisfied with its effects.
Compiled from an Social Survey made to more than 500 Customers.

This is what some of our satisfied customers had to say about the Long Stay Unlimited.

Obvious Confirmation of Our Satisfied ClientsThe accompanying pictures and proclamations were sent in by our devoted clients:

My wife had lot of complaints with me after our marriage. The reason was my small penis and poor stamina during sex. I used many types of products but nothing actually worked. In fact, some of them caused side effects. Then I came to know about Long Stay Unlimited and ordered it. Since I have started consuming this product, I have got fantastic results. My penis size has been increased and my performance has been increased as well. My wife does not complain now, she just pours lots of love upon me. Superb product!

I have regained my lost confidence with the help of Long Stay Unlimited. First time in life, I feel like a real man. I can keep going on during sex for hours without ejaculating as my stamina and potency has been enhanced by miles. My penis is now more strong and harder and can remain erected for long time. Thanks a lot!

Long Stay Unlimited has completely turned around my sex life. Now I can provide my girlfriend that joys which she desires and deserves. With my longer and bigger penis and improved vitality, I take her to the height of excitement and ecstasy. Her loud screams and moaning is the proof of how much she enjoys sex with me.

Ingredients Used in Long Stay Unlimited Formula

Various traditional and natural herbs are used while designing Long Stay Unlimited Male Enhancement Supplement to provide best results. Many of these ingredients are either used in Ayurveda to benefit sexual health or proved medically in lab tests.

ASHWAGANDHA :It has been used since ages for its multiple health benefits. It also reduces stress along with increasing vitality, strength and fertility.

Shatavari :Shatavari is used in Ayurveda to balance pitta and vata, but can increase kapha due to its heavy nature. Its bitter and sweet taste has a cooling effect on the system, and its unctuous (oily), building nature makes it a great support for anyone looking for a nourishing, grounding effect.

Amla:Amal acts as a natural aphrodisiac that improves your sex life. It contains Vitamin C that boosts sperm production in males suffering from low sperm count (clinically known as Oligospermia) and is known to help a man last longer in bed by boosting his libido. Apart from that, this fruit is also known to improve sexual vigor and virility. This is mainly due to the presence of iron and zinc in amla that enhance your sperm quality.

Shilajeet : It is the most popular herb used to improve sexual health, though it has great effects on overall health. Vital energy and stamina can be achieved by the consumption of Shilajeet. Found in the rocks of Himalayas, it is also referred as Indian Viagra.

Vidarikand : Vidarikand is used to reduce intestinal dryness; and benefits a lot in hepato-splenomegaly.

Talimkhana : The seeds are found to exhibit pronounced anabolic effects like gains in the body and reproductive organ weights in treated animals. Increased spermatogenesis as well as fructose levels of seminal vesicles also were noted. In rats mounting frequency and enhanced attractability towards females were also increased.

Gokharu :Though this plant is much valued in Ayurveda for treating urinary stones, it is considered as a potent aphrodisiac. It contains about 30 steroidal saponins such as tribulosin and protodioscin, lignamides and harmine. Protodioscin is found to improve sexual behavior parameters like enhancing libido and androgen receptor density in the brain. Gokhru has proven anabolic effect as evidenced by weight gain in the body and reproductive organs. Improvement in sexual behavior of male rats like, increased amount and intromission frequency and enhanced Penile erection index (PEI), testosterone level and sperm count are found comparable to that of standard drug, sildenafil citrate (Viagra).

SAFED MUSLI : It is another aphrodisiac herb which promotes muscular growth. Apart from increasing sexual power, it is useful for men facing issues of lower libido and sperm count.

Jaiphal :Jaiphal acts as a booster by motivating the central nervous system and warming the pubic region. Due to carminative properties, it rushes the absorption of herbs and intensifies their effect. While increasing and maintaining sexual energy, Jaiphal has an ataractic effect helping to prevent premature ejaculation.

Akkalkara :Akarkara is a herb with a rich history of use for the male reproductive system. Its specific potential uses for male sexual health include: Boosting testosterone levels. Akarkara has been to act as a testosterone (T) booster in animals. Enhancing virility. Libido, sperm count, and general sexual function seem to be enhanced by akarkara use.

There are other ingredients which can be beneficial for sexual enhancement include Ajwain, Maca, and Ginkgo Biloba.

How Long Stay Unlimited Expands Penis Size and Improves Performance?

Do you know the science behind Long Stay Unlimited formula and its superb effects? Let us help you understand how penis can achieve maximum size possible with our innovative supplement.

When the blood vessels in the tubular chambers of penis known as corpora cavernosa are filled with blood then you get erection. What Long Stay Unlimited does is increase these blood vessels as well as the blood flow thus making your penis harder and enlarged. Its formula also contains such powerful ingredients which boost testosterone and stimulate nitric oxide levels in men’s body. You can know about these ingredients in the above section.